Ministerial Services


“If God loved me through my mess, hurt, & pain, surely I can be His vessel and demonstrate His love to others.”

Oftentimes people gauge their receptivity to help by the manner in which it is presented. Sadly, there is the pre-conceived conception as to what ‘a minister’ should look or act like. This impedes the healing that can be received through ministry. The framework of Tonya’s ministry is built upon the foundational truths of God’s unconditional love for people.

Her unique gifting and grace enables her to exhibit a profound compassion for others which allows her access to the innermost parts of the heart, bringing forth healing from the inside out. Tonya’s approach to ministry is holistic, dealing with not only the spiritual aspect of humanity but also the emotional and physical being.

As a minister, Tonya is able to help you with:

  • Grief Support
  • Bereavement Ministry Education for Churches
  • Mentoring (Young Ladies and Women)
  • Ministry Leader Support
  • Pastor/Minister’s Wives Support
  • Women’s Issues