Upcoming Presentations

fort worth grief speaker


9/11/15 New Fellowship Church Women’s Conference; Fort Worth, Tx 7:30pm

9/12/15 Good Shepherd Temple of Praise Women’s Conference; Fort Worth, Tx 9:00am

9/13/15 New Fellowship Church Women’s Conference 10:45am

9/19/15 Women of Destiny Conference, Corinth Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Tx 12:00pm

9/26/15 Mt. Calvary Women’s Revival. 10am to 2pm. 1000 Stella St Ft. Worth, Tx 76104
Theme: Don’t Fall Apart


10/16/15 New Fellowship Church Counseling Ministry presents “Coping with Grief and Loss during the Holidays” 7:00pm

10/21/15 Tarrant County College keynote speaker Annual Graduation-Self Sufficiency Program, Fort Worth, Tx 6:30pm



11/14/15 Book Release Party – details to be announced




4/9/16 DFW CITIWomen Women’s Inspirational Empowerment Summit. Theme: “EMERGE” ~ Destiny awaits. Topic: The Power of the Cocoon.