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There IS life after loss,
it’s just a different one.

I Got My Marbles Back – My Signature Book. . .

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  • Learn how to unpack and deal with unprocessed pain
  • Learn how to transition from loss to life
  • Learn about surviving domestic violence, death loss, divorce, and depression

“At the tender age of 16, I’ve endured so much. I Got My Marbles Back taught me how to overcome any obstacle and to continue to trust God, even during my darkest hours. This book helped me regain my marbles and strengthened me to carry on with life when I wanted to throw in the towel. It provided practical tools to cause me to think about how precious and valuable my life is and how one day I can help change the lives of others through my testimony.”

Cha’Noah Nero, Texas

“There is no pain like losing your babies. I was consumed with grief daily. I sought professional counseling several times with no relief until I met Dr. Tonya. She knew my pain and traveled a similar journey I was faced with. Through her book, I Got My Marbles Back, other writings and consulting, my outlook on life turned to being positive and purposeful. Thank you Dr. Tonya for helping me live, laugh, and love again.”

Sanzara Hatcher, Georgia

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If you’re looking for a speaker for your next event Tonya Cunningham is happy to share her experience, strength, and wisdom with your group. She’s available to speak on a variety of topics that cover: leadership, dealing with grief, coping with life transitions and loss, maximizing the power of the gifts you’ve been given, and more.

A detailed list of some of the presentations Tonya gives on a regular basis can be found on the Speaking and Consulting page.
Tonya’s presentations are ideal for:

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  • Retreats
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  • Leadership events
  • Team-building events
  • Women’s ministry events