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If you’re looking for a speaker for your next event Dr. Tonya Cunningham is happy to share her expertise, experience, and wisdom with your group. She’s available to speak on a variety of topics that cover: Grief & Loss, Inner Healing, Relationships, and Leadership.

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She serves as a national resource on Grief & Loss, traveling across the nation to educate others of the importance of doing their grief work and taking care of their mental health. Speaking from the core of her own experiences and education, Dr. Tonya developed the unique multi-faceted, God-given ability to connect with people of all cultures and generations, both professionally and spiritually. Sharing her captivating message of hope and healing is sure to speak to the heart of your audience.

Dr. Tonya is a promoter of healing and desires that all will commit to the process of inner healing. She takes great pride in her work which requires extensive preparation, time, and energy.

As is customary with professional speakers like Dr. Tonya, a booking fee is associated with all speaking engagements (Live or Virtual): Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, or Panelist.

Examples of Speaking Topics Include:

  • I Got My Marbles Back!
  • From Loss to Life
  • I’m a Leader & I’m Depressed
  • Get Your House In Order
  • Not Just Another Dead End Job
  • The Empty Chair During the Holidays Grief Symposium
  • How to Keep It Together When You Feel Like Falling Apart – Caring for the Caregiver
  • The Elephant in the Room…Let’s Deal With It

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Help a Grieving Family

Thank you in advance for considering becoming a partner with Dr. Tonya Cunningham. Your donation helps provide grief support services at no charge to those who cannot afford one-on-one facilitation. Support services are full of activities to help people work through their loss.

The grief journey can be difficult, especially during special days such as holidays; therefore, participants are allowed to return for help if necessary. Your contribution will help heal the broken hearts of broken individuals, provide a safe place to transform, and guidance re-enter society as a new person.

Give today, and make an impact in the life of the brokenhearted.