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I had the joy of having Dr. Tonya Cunningham in my life at the right time, right after my divorce. I didn’t know that grief was a part of divorce. My life was turned upside down. She helped me put the pieces back together again. Thank you Dr. Tonya.

~Jonica Castleberry, Texas

My father had recently passed away in Hospice and while I was reluctant at first, my husband encouraged me to utilize the grief counseling services. From the first moment I met Tonya, I felt at ease.I can’t begin to tell you the relief and comfort I felt after our first session. Tonya had just the right words I needed to hear to both answer questions I didn’t know I had. Tonya gave me suggestions on how to begin healing spiritually and emotionally. I still hear Tonya’s voice in my head, reassuring me when the wave of grief begins to hit me,

Tonya is also working with my daughter, who, at 10 years old lost one of the most important and influential people in her life. Tonya has been and continues to be there for her to help navigate through her feelings. Tonya is now one of my daughter’s favorite people. I know the words and lessons Tonya is relaying to my daughter will resonate for her for a lifetime.

~Susie Ross, Texas

When I speak to people about what I’ve been through and how I got through the suicide of my mother, I always mention Dr. Tonya. I don’t know where I’d be if I had not gone through grief counseling. I now understand what it means to grieve and mourn in a healthy way. She helped me with acceptance of this new life after loss.

~Dakeia Lathan, Texas

Working with Dr. Tonya Cunningham has shifted the trajectory of my life immensely. Prior to meeting Tonya I had no idea what it meant to do your “soul work” nor had I ever heard that term. However, since working with her, I learned not only the importance of doing so, but also exactly how to do it. Dr. T has been extremely supportive in my healing journey as I work passionately to overcome childhood traumas I’ve experienced. What made our time together even more special was that I have served as her mentor for the last 3 years and I trusted her with “secrets” and it brought both our personal and professional relationship even closer. She is the best at what she does and I highly recommend her service to anyone who is dealing with grief of any kind.

~Carla R. Cannon, North Carolina
Activation Coach + Marketplace Mentor

It was reassuring to discover that working through the pain and adjusting to life as it now stands does not do a disservice to the love one that was lost. Finding a way to laugh, love, and live is healthy.


Although I was attending the class to help me become a more effective Soul Care minister and was able to make only two classes, through Ms. Cunningham’s in-depth knowledge of the subject, superb facilitation skills, and excellent presentation and handout materials I realized that I was grieving an intangible loss. I highly recommend this powerful seminar and I would gladly attend it again.


The Grief Support Seminar was very beneficial. Tonya helped you identify the emotions and equate those to your loss. The handouts were great, they allowed you to do a self examination. As a takeaway for me; it is okay to grieve, everyone grieves differently, we all must work through the emotions of grief.


It’s an honor and a pleasure to say that Tonya Cunningham is a true “Woman of God” and that she lives it in every aspect of her life. I had the awesome experience to learn from her passion and her presentation while matriculating at Dallas Institute of Funeral Service. As a result of her commitment to funeral service and the healing of those that mourn due to the loss of a loved one, I was inspired to not only complete my funeral service studies but to return to Dallas for certification as a grief group facilitator. The members of the Oklahoma State Funeral Directors and Morticians Association was blessed to have her as a guest presenter at our State Convention, as a result we left her seminar renewed and reconnected to the commitment of serving our communities compassionately and in ethical excellence. She is Awesome and Amazing but most of all she is humble and in all things she says; “To God Be The Glory”.

~Pastor Jennettie, Funeral Director and Oklahoma State Embalmers & Funeral Directors Association, Board Chairperson

Tonya is an exceptional speaker. Her knowledge in “End of Life Care” combined with compassion, excellent listening skills, and her love for the Lord makes her a gifted speaker. I love the way Tonya captivates her audience with stories. The people always leave with feelings of hope. She engages them as she illustrates the message she endeavors to deliver. Hospitals love to request Tonya to provide their Continuing Education because she always adds value to the topics.

~Monica, Hospice Director of Business Development

Dr. Tonya has provided me a welcoming safe place to embrace my vulnerability, to dig deep and openly share my innermost thoughts and concerns with her WITHOUT fear of judgement. She has GENUINELY guided me to COURAGEOUSLY discover the various components of my natural God-given talents in my life walk that have been suppressed by PAINFUL life experiences that I believed had prevented me from pursuing, achieving, fulfilling and expressing my complete and authentic self. I trust, respect, and view her as a BREAKTHROUGH LIFE COACH!

~Carlos Hooks, California

The death of a marriage is mourned differently because you still have to see and may have to interact with your ex-spouse. It is not only the death of a relationship but the death of a role as well as a dream or idea. Dr. Cunningham’s grief group was the first group I attended that did not solely focus on the death of a loved one, but any loss was accepted, honored and explored. Dr. Cunningham’s professional and personal knowledge of the grief process helped me to mourn heal quicker, Thank you Grief Dr.

~Dr. Kimberly Scales, Texas

Tonya has been a great inspiration as my Grief Facilitator and Coach during my time of loss. She used different strategies and techniques, to help me open up in areas that I had suppressed from the death of my mother, which I didn’t grieve her death in a healthy manner. One of my breaking moments of healing was during the time she used the Life Map, it helped me capture life events good and bad, which gave me a starting point of my healing process. After the death of my daughter and grandbaby my pain was deep but I was in such denial. I also had to process the death of a marriage and business during the loss of my daughter, as well as the relationship with my son-in-law that changed. Shortly after that, I lost a dear friend and by this time I was totally numb to death. How do you process the unexpected, when there is an appointed time set on a calendar that you can’t see with your natural eyes? You wake up thinking today is a good day, and then death enters into your day unexpectedly without your permission, and change your entire world. I was grieving mentally in a place where I began to allow death to define me, until I allowed Ms. Cunningham to Coach me through the hurt and pain. She so tenderly allowed me to grieve in my own way, then guided me on how to grieve healthy with results of growth, and live in the reality that something did happen when your loved one died, and part of you died with them, but a part of you lived also, and those are the pieces, that you have to pick up and move forward with. From bitterness, to being angry with the world and God, she understood that the process of grief is different for everyone. To end this note, she used a tool called the memory box with a butterfly on top, I put some special items of my daughter in the box, and closed the top remembering her in a special way. Ms. Cunningham also coached me with writing my daughter a letter, going to a special place to release the letter with a stream of balloons. This was done on a Mother’s Day weekend and it helped me moved through the anger and bitterness, and reminded me that I’m still a mother of two little girls who need me. Thank you Ms. Cunningham for walking me to my destiny of “Wholeness and Healing”.

~Pastor Helena

I had the wonderful opportunity to share the platform with Minister Tonya Cunningham for the 1st Women’s Revival at the New Fellowship Church of Fort Worth. This Woman of God opened up the revival the very first night with a message entitled, “I got my marbles back!” Lord have mercy! We were so blessed by her awesome presentation of God’s words but more so, by the way she preached her story of nearly losing her mind (marbles) from her own life catastrophes! This is a message that EVERY person SHOULD hear in order to fully understand the awesome keeping power and grace of God Almighty! She breaks it down in such a practical way, without losing the Biblical context that everyone was in amazement! “I got my marbles back” received so many testimonies from those that were in attendance and many lives were transformed this very night!

~Rev. Cynthia

There are but a few rare occasions that you come across a teenager in high school and see such raw hidden talent and gifting – that you know that in time it is going to blossom forth and become greatness. In the early 80’s, I saw that in Tonya…. At this moment in her life, the greatness that I saw then – has come forth. I pray that you will receive this Godly greatness even as I have and be blessed by it.

~Pastor/Daddy – Alvin

The grace of God is upon this vessel. I was blessed and made the better after hearing her inspiring message, “I got my marbles back!” Minister Cunningham is destined for greatness in the Lord. I praise God for our paths crossing.

~Pastor James

I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in a Grief Support Seminar offered by Tonya Cunningham on two different occasions. I would strongly recommend anyone dealing with grief of any kind, be it ~ death of an individual, loss of a job, loss of a relationship, loss of a friend …. commit a few hours to improve your quality of life under the guidance of Tonya Cunningham, you will be glad you committed the time.


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