This Program is for Individuals Who…

  • Have suffered loss in life (death, divorce, incarceration, broken relationship, health, job, etc.)
  • Find themselves rebuilding while trying to navigate through life after experiencing a traumatic loss

What You Will Gain From This Program…

  • A greater understanding of the importance of inner healing & deliverance from pain, which is required to move forward after loss
  • Practical Tools to help you adjust to life transitions that impact your emotional wellness & over all well-being
  • How to navigate through the maze of pain to a place of peace
  • Encouragement to take a leap & build a new life after a traumatic event has destroyed the life you once knew

Here’s How It Works:

One email will be sent directly to your inbox per week that will include the training + homework assignments (over the course of 12 Weeks)

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Tonya Cunningham is a certified Life Coach, Speaker & Author who specializes in loss and life transitions. Her unique, yet transparent approach empowers others to navigate through their maze of hurt to a special place of healing.