I Got My Marbles Back


  • Learn how to unpack and deal with unprocessed pain
  • Learn how to transition from loss to life
  • Learn about surviving domestic violence, death loss, divorce, and depression

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One trial after another left Tonya broken and hurting. When she reached a point of thinking surely she already experienced every pain imaginable, one last blow sent her reeling to what seemed like a bottomless pit.
Everything in Tonya’s life came to a loud, painful and very public end. The life she knew shattered and millions of shards pierced her mind until it unraveled. The proverbial phrase “lost her marbles” became reality. How could she ever find all the pieces and meld them all together again?

God led Tonya on a trek from tragedy to triumph for personal victory, but also in preparation for her to help others live victorious.

This book is a phenomenal resource for individuals experiencing grief through loss or life transition as well as those trying to help them. Her mantra: “There IS life after loss. It’s just a different one.” She uses her incredible story of surviving domestic violence, death loss, divorce and depression to promote healing.

About the Author
Tonya Cunningham, LBSW, MA, is a minster, hospice social worker, and mortician specializing in grief, loss and life transition. She has been a Motivational and Inspirational Teacher/Speaker for over 15 years, developing the unique multi-faceted ability to connect with people of all cultures and generations. Being a facilitator of grief support groups has afforded her the opportunity to travel extensively conducting seminars and workshops, helping others to understand how grief, loss, death and dying influence our lives.