About Dr. Tonya Cunningham

Transforming Lives...

One at a Time

Tonya is a visionary with over 30 years of professional experience in the funeral service/grief and loss industry. As most do, when the words “funeral home or funeral service” are mentioned, the thought that often comes to mind is about the decedent. It was on that premise that Tonya began her career, focused on creating meaningful memories for the families’ last viewing of their loved one.

The fateful day that changed her focus and her mission.

about dr tonya cunninghamOne day Tonya was assigned to be the hearse driver for the day which was different for her. After the interment was done, Tonya prepared to depart for the funeral home to await the next call to serve. While driving off, she looked in the rearview mirror and saw the grieving family hovering over the grave of the person she had just driven.
A young father and two young girls held hands, shaking their bowed down heads as tears began to fall on the grave of their loved one.

That was the defining moment that caused her to ask herself, “Who’s going to help that family function in their new life without their loved one?” At that time the funeral service industry was focused on the deceased, but minimal attention was given to the family after the funeral.

Her niche in funeral service began to unfold as she cultivated her skills in grief and loss. In 2007, she began her journey as a Grief Facilitator and began grief support to groups for local funeral homes. Tonya quickly became known as “The Grief Lady” who helps people transition into their new life after a loss.

about dr tonya cunninghamSince that time, her brand has expanded. She is now known as The Grief Doctor. In 2017, she launched her company as Tonya Cunningham Ministries, LLC, which specializes in helping people heal holistically by providing practical tools to promote emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

Through what she has coined as her “release the pain” sessions, Tonya challenges participants (adults and children) to embrace their new life by doing their “griefwork”. She joins forces with participants to empower them to find resolution for themselves. Although she helps others deal with many life issues, the majority of her participant base is associated with some form of loss and life transition:

    • An intact family to a broken family
    • Finances
    • Relationships
  • Debilitating Illness
  • Church hurt
  • Identity Crisis

There IS life after loss, it’s just a different one!

about tonya cunningham miistriesHer mission is to help you unpack your hurt and deal with your unprocessed pain. She does this by customizing each experience to meet your individual needs. While everyone goes through grief in similar stages, Tonya knows that the path you take to walk through those stages is different for everyone.

Through it all Tonya is present in every way possible, walking beside you to guide you through the transitions. She brings both personal and professional experience with death, grieving, and life transitions in general to every counseling situation. She’ll teach you how to move from just coping to greater inner healing.

Help a Grieving Family

Thank you in advance for considering becoming a partner with Dr. Tonya Cunningham. Your donation helps provide grief support services at no charge to those who cannot afford one-on-one facilitation. Support services are full of activities to help people work through their loss.

The grief journey can be difficult, especially during special days such as holidays; therefore, participants are allowed to return for help if necessary. Your contribution will help heal the broken hearts of broken individuals, provide a safe place to transform, and guidance re-enter society as a new person.

Give today, and make an impact in the life of the brokenhearted.

I had the joy of having Dr. Tonya Cunningham in my life at the right time, right after my divorce. I didn’t know that grief was a part of divorce. My life was turned upside down. She helped me put the pieces back together again. Thank you Dr. Tonya.

-Jonica Castleberry, Texas